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Leading Designers of Dallas | Architectural Digest

Leading Designers of Dallas | Architectural Digest

How Two Sisters Became Business Partners in Interior Design

As a college student, Julie Fucilla Waters took a Myers Briggs test and the results told her she should pursue a career in interior design.

It was a level of clarity that came too late, however, because she was already set to work as a contractor for a Fortune 100 technology company. But over the next 13 years, the design world kept calling her, and like a mythological sailer at sea, she couldn’t resist its Siren call.

“Getting my interior design degree was a 7-year journey, but today I get to partner with my sister as we help clients turn their home into a sanctuary,” says Julie. “As a designer, my job is to define what my clients want and then design that in a way that evokes comfort and serenity.

Driven to lead with empathy, Julie and her sister, Lisa Fucilla Amoroso, are known as designers who un-layer the story behind each project and then work to weave that story into every aspect of the new design.

“We once found a crib at a market in Paris,” says Lisa. “We rolled it through the streets of Paris and brought it home with us to the states because it was such a special piece. In the same way, we work extra hard to make sure our clients’ homes reflect their design preferences and their lifestyle. We stop at nothing to tell our clients’ stories well because we know that this is how they feel completely at home.”

Leading Designers of Dallas | Architectural Digest