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Popular Styling Pieces

Popular Styling Pieces

by admin |October 1, 2019 | Blogs

In fashion, accessories can make or break an outfit. The same rule applies when designing your interior space. The finishing touches to a room give it the texture and depth that make the whole vision come to life. I often find these elements of a room to be the most personal and interesting. I usually use things my clients already own to accessorize a space, just interestingly displayed and grouped together.

I like to accent a room with some sort of organic element like plants, driftwood, stones and seashells. Many of my clients already have these pieces on hand which often has the added bonus of carrying a personal memory from a vacation or nearby hike. It’s time to bring these pieces out of the memory box and exhibit them on your mantle, coffee table or vanity.

Plants are a mainstay in design for a reason. They give a room life and can take up a lot of unwelcome negative space. I own a plant that has been with me since college. That resilient ficus has provided many an empty corner the life it needed. Fig trees are a popular plant used now in interior design and are relatively easy to maintain. Placing plants in baskets as opposed to planters provides a bit more texture and warmth.

I’ll also use oversized baskets for throw blankets and pillows. It’s not only charming but functional, providing a place for blankets other than the back of your sofa.

Books are a nice way to add height and composition to a surface. If all your books are like mine and are dogeared and not super presentable they’re very easy to come by at flea markets, thrift stores and yard sales. You can usually buy stacks for very little and if you have a color theme you’d like to stay within you can pick and choose to fit the look
you’re going for.

Eclectic vintage pieces like cameras, serving trays and pottery can add a nice contrast to a modern or contemporary design, giving it a touch of the unexpected.

Before having company or showing a client their newly designed space for the first time I’ll finish it off with candles and flowers. You can never go wrong with white when it comes to both.

Finding the right pieces to finish off your room is truly the best part of designing a space. Have fun with it and make it your own!

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